Cemeteries: What You Need to Know

Questions to Ask, Rules to Check & Other Issues

You might have some questions when you’re purchasing space at a cemetery. Here are some of the most common we get about cemetery rules, memorial sizes, spacing and other issues. If you have a question you don’t see here, please contact us.

Q What types of memorials does the cemetery allow?
Many cemeteries (known as “memorial parks”) do not allow monuments. Lot owners are restricted to markers that lie flat and even with the grass.

Q Does the cemetery restrict monuments to certain sections?
Some cemeteries have one section for upright memorials and a different section for flat markers.

Q Does the cemetery require you to purchase a specific number of grave spaces to place a monument?
Some do. Make sure you ask at the time of purchase to make certain you buy sufficient space to allow for a monument.

Q Does the cemetery have size restrictions?
Some do. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because Mandan Memorial can be very creative in designing a monument to fit the space. Be sure you know in advance what, if any, restrictions apply.

Q Does the cemetery have any rules or regulations governing installation of the monument?
Some cemeteries might insist on installing the monument themselves and charge a variety of fees for installation, perpetual care (over and above perpetual care of the grave space) and other add-on services. Always ask questions before you purchase a cemetery lot.

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