Monument & Memorial Pricing

We’ll Help You Select Options, Provide a Solid Quote

One of the first questions people generally have about monuments and memorials is, “How much is this going to cost?”

We understand. Price can be an important factor in the decisions you make about how best to memorialize your loved one.

The truth is it’s difficult to say, right up front, what it’s going to cost because the price will depend on decisions you make about memorial style, material type, size, color and design. Please give us a call or submit our price quote form.

What we can tell you without hesitation is that, unless you request changes during the process, the price we quote you after we meet and go through the options will be the price. Period.

We’ll Guide You Through These Options

With memorials, there are numerous parts of the process that can affect the price. We break them into these five key areas.

Memorial Style

Flat marker, upright, bench, etc.

Material Type

Granite, marble, bronze and steel.


Generally speaking, the larger the memorial the more it will cost.


We hand-select the highest quality granites from around the world and right down the road. Colors generally vary depending on place of origin, and each color has a different price.


Design and artwork are included in our base price, but there are several design elements that can increase it, such as adding a porcelain photo, bronze attachments, vases, additional shape carvings or hand-tooled finishes.