Monuments for All Time

Honor Your Loved One with a Memorial That Lasts Forever

Monuments and memorials are generally full of meaning; at Mandan Memorial, we strive to make the experience of selecting one just as meaningful.

The monument you choose will serve as a lasting tribute for all time. It’s far more than a way to mark a final resting place; it’s also a tangible reminder of a life well-lived and memories that hold our hearts in their hands. We’ll be honored to hold the responsibility of creating the perfect memorial for your loved one in ours.

We have a broad selection of memorials in a wide range of materials, sizes, styles, shapes, colors, finishes, designs and artwork to choose from, and we can personalize the monument in nearly any way you desire. We’ll guide you through all the options with a process we’ve developed over decades so your loved one’s monument is truly unique and fully expresses a wonderful life.

Our Monument & Memorial Process

We start by listening very carefully. Then we ask questions to make sure we understand exactly what you and your family desire and for whom.

It’s a two-way educational journey; we learn your preferences, and you’ll learn about our products and capabilities. It’s amazing what a difference this makes when you’re making major decisions for your family.
From there, we:

Guide you

Guide you through selections

Guide you through selections online or in our showroom that align with what you want and your budget.


Explain all the options for materials, sizes, shapes, colors, lettering, artwork and finishing styles.


Create artwork, shape, engrave, letter and finish your memorial or monument.

No Shortcuts

Take no shortcuts; we do the job right the first time.


Deliver and install on site.

We’ll take care of you from the moment you call, email or walk in our door.